Cllr Rebecca Poulsen

Member in Worth Valley


  • Council
  • Health and Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee (Reserve)
  • Joint Health and Social Care & Children's Services Overview and Scrutiny Committees
  • Keighley Area Committee (Reserve)

Other meetings/bodies which I regulay attend:

  • Haworth Exhibition Trust
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority - Transport Committee

My priorities for the coming year (May 2017 - May 2018) will be:
To continue carrying out my duties as Ward Councillor, along with my colleagues Russell Brown and Glen Miller, to the best of my ability.  To work with the local community to enhqnce and encourage investment in our Ward and work to improve service provision from Bradford Council across our ward.

To be available to residents to offer help, advice and support.

To work with Partner agencies across the ward to improve residents lives.

As Conservative Spokesman on Regeneration, to hold the Labour Executive to account in this area.

Continue as a member of the foster panel to ensure the most favourable outcomes for looked after children across the district.