About Us

Conservatism with a Social Conscience

The Keighley & Ilkley Conservative Association is an active local Association, committed to providing strong representation for those living in our locale. We share a common belief in the power of economic liberty - and its ability to shape the lives of individuals, local communities, and the whole of society - by ensuring that individual people have full control over their own finances - and thus full control over their future. Paired with a belief in individual responsibility, duty (to community and country), meritocracy, and small Government - we believe that background should not be a barrier to success.

The Keighley Parliamentary constituency includes the communities of Ilkley, Addingham, Silsden, Steeton, Eastburn, Riddlesden, Haworth, Oakworth, Oxenhope, Laycock, Braithwaite, Utley, Lower Utley, Morton, East Morton, Sandbeds - as well as the more urban Keighley Town centre. 

Our Councillors and candidates are committed to providing strong representation for all residents of the Keighley and Ilkley District - always staying true to our Mission Statement:

"To further the cause of Conservatism across the Keighley and Ilkley District. To provide effective and proactive representation for the residents of our area, to provide consistent and robust opposition to Bradford's Labour run Council - and to do so by having the strongest argument, not the loudest voice."

We welcome new members to our Association, who can join on this website (please visit the 'join' page) or by email at; office@kiconservatives.com

Our site provides you with our latest activities, including:

  • News from our District Councillors
  • Information about our regular events
  • Details of our Association Officers and their contact details
  • Links to our social platforms - and those of our Councillors. 
  • Providing you with a means to become a member.

All posts on this website are in accordance with electoral law. 

Posts are promoted by Mike Gibbons on behalf of the Keighley and Ilkley Constituency Conservative Association, Churchill House, North Street, Keighley, BD21 3AF.