Hugh Brumfitt

Town Council Candidate for Ben Rhydding (Ilkley) - 2019

Martin Smith

Deputy Chair Membership

Martin is a highly valued member of the Keighley and Ilkley team. With 32 years of consecutive service to Ilkley, as a Bradford District Councillor, his experience of campaigning and local politics is expansive. 

J David Whalley

President & Interim Deputy Chair Political


David who is a long standing member of the Association was asked if he would do the Association the ''honours" of becoming the new President as there had been a vacancy since the death of Cllr Kelly in the Spring of 2014.

Kyle Green

District Councillor for Ilkley

Kyle was elected as a District Councillor for Ilkley in May 2019. He is a resident of Ben Rhydding and is environmentally conscious (so much so he has all his campaigning materials printed on recycled cardstock).