Peter Corkindale

District Council Candidate for Keighley East - 2019

Peter is our candidate for Keighley East. He has spent his life in service to the Keighley community. First as a plummer, then as a Policeman, and finally as a local politician.

Owen Goodall

District Councillor for Craven

Owen was elected as a District Councillor for Craven (encompassing Silsden, Steeton, Addingham, and Eastburn) in May 2019.

Hugh Brumfitt

Town Council Candidate for Ben Rhydding (Ilkley) - 2019

Martin Smith

Deputy Chair Membership

Martin is a highly valued member of the Keighley and Ilkley team. With 32 years of consecutive service to Ilkley, as a Bradford District Councillor, his experience of campaigning and local politics is expansive.